The Rich and The Famous - Emma Watson

Free with a drink, from 6pm

You: Surely not another Rich Tea biscuit pun.

Us: ....

Replacing a firm DSD favourite - Lionel Rich Tea - from this month is The Rich and The Famous, a feel-good, gloriously sugary event where we'll task you with decorating a biccy with the face of someone super famous.

We've done it once, and we're doing it again: time to get Emma Watson's Face on a delightful rich tea biccy!

If you think yours is the best, take a pic and tag us @drinkshopdo on twitter and instagram and if we find yours bewitching we'll give you a free Friday night party area and bottle of prosecco on us! 

Turn up and join in from 6! Got a group of 5 or more? Make a 'Do Booking' here.