Metallic Print Workshop

Tickets £40, 10.30am–1pm

This workshop is an introduction to a textile technique using a heat press which heats up to 140 degrees. At the beginning of the workshop Nicole will show you a collection of samples, followed by a demonstration. You will have the opportunity to print up to 2-4 samples and 2 final pieces using designs provided by Nicole, or your own ideas. Available during the workshop, printers will receive a bottomless Tea / Coffee. 

A rage of surfaces will be provided for you to sample onto such as leather and cotton. Foiling is transferring metallic film to fabric/paper using a heat press. This can be applied using foil adhesive (a bit like glue) painting or screen printing your designs directly onto a surface. Once the adhesive is dry the foil is placed on top and pressed for 10 seconds.

Attendees will need to bring 2 items of clothing from home to up-cycle and transform. Avoid buying anything new.