BoJo Takes the biscuit

Free from 6pm

Replacing a firm DSD favourite - Lionel Rich Tea - is Taking the biscuit (we thught we'd broaden our celebrity horizons) a feel-good, gloriously sugary event where we'll hand you the task of decorating a biccy with the face of someone super famous.

It's Boris Johnson's birthday and even though Sadiq Khan bumped him from the top spot for best London Mayor, we still think he's hillarious. He brought us borris bikes and side stuff like "My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it." BOJO, we didn't always agree with all your policies, but you don't have to convince us cake is great!

We'll be celebrating him turning 100? by putting him on a biscuit (there will be plenty of white icing to sculpt that unruly maine). Come down from 6pm and doodle your own BoJo with a drink or two.

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