Saved by the 90's

Tickets £12, from 7pm

Britney or Xtina? Backstreet Boys or NSync? Janet or Michael? Spice Girls or All Saints? Oasis or Blur?

Whatever your answer, we all yearn for the days of pop feuds, when life was a series of either ors and baby doll slips that passed for dresses. You know, the days when Björk wore a swan to the Oscars and Madonna could poke your eye out with her boob, where Patsy and Liam adorned the best magazine covers, alongside a hosiery wearing Kate and the rest of her Versace clad, supermodel gang.

Impossible Things Entertainment bring you the best of the 90s, from TV theme-tune quizzes and newspaper headline caption competitions to boy and girl band dance-offs and singalongs, complete with fabulous nostalgic 90s prizes!

Expect live performances of your favourite tunes, from the decade that brought us Clueless, Buffaloes, Barbie Girl and Haddaway, punctuate the night that Steps you back in time! (See what we did there.)

We'll see you there, with your best Gwen, knotted hair! 

Now, 5, 6, 7 ,8!