Play with Clay: National Chocolate Parfait Day

Free when you buy a drink, from 6pm

"Play with clay?' you say with a look of terra. 'You cotta be kiddin' me!"

Get off your glazey bum and slip on down to DSD for an evening of moulding madness. We provide you with the means to craft your clay-ey scenes. 

It's May day (obviously) but we're far more excited that it's also National Chocolate Parfait Day. Who knew such a day existed?!? and in the words of Donkey (from Shrek) 'Ain't nobody don't like parfait'. To celebrate we'll be moulding all this sweet and desserty from mirangues & mousses to puddings and parfaits. Model your mouthwatering meal finisher out of the magical medium of air dry clay!

Turn up and join in from 6pm or book your table here

pst. Remember to pick the right date!