The Social Sketchup Christmas Party

£15, 7:30-10pm


Expect a night of fun and easy drawing challenges designed to unleash your inner artist and leave you in sparkling creative spirits this party season! 

You'll get to sample a selection of the activities featured in issue 1 of Sketch Appeal magazine, including:  

  • Cocktail O Clock! Design a new cocktail menu for Drink Shop & Do (or your own fantasy bar!)

  • Neck it! Make a cute party pendant out of paper

  • Playtime: Take a trip down memory lane and draw some of your favourite Christmas toys, gifts and games

  • Guilty Treasures: Design a brand-new cover for your favourite Christmas tune

  • Sweeties Darling! Draw the sweet jar of your dreams

We'll also be doing lots of the usual speed-portrait drawing to warm up, and there'll be chance to win an ACE prize in our "Get your puns out!" card design competition!  

All materials will be provided and there'll be FREE CAKE FOR ALL: so grab a ticket and let's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!! 

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