Sketch Appeal: Sketch the Rainbow

£12, 7pm-9:30pm

Sketch The Rainbow is back!

Over the course of the night, we’ll sketch our way through the rainbow and complete a series of fun and easy challenges designed to boost your creative confidence and leave you buzzing with happy hormones!

Among other things, you’ll get to: 

  • Draw lots of colourful portraits of each other, in one colour, tricolor and ALL the colours of the rainbow!  We’ll also attempt to draw each other in the style of some of our favourite colour-loving artists.

  • Power-draw a set of colourful collaborative artworks based on a set of given prompts - from sketchscenes to shoes, Ketchup to Kusama!

  • Create an 8-page rainbow zine featuring 7 single colour illustrations and a technical selfie on the cover! You can draw whatever you feel like, but we’ll encourage you to choose something/someone that you love and personally associate with each colour, rather than just things that are widely associated with it (e.g. red = hearts , green = trees etc.!) That way, you’ll end up with a fab lil zine full of things you #LOVE!

Grab at ticket and come get your colour on!!

NB: Dress colourfully - you will be drawn!! And feel free to bring some headgear/props too :)