Sketch Appeal Summer Party!

£12, 7pm-9:30pm

Last year’s summer party was a blast, and we’d love you to join us again this year for a night of fun sketching challenges, sizzlin’ tunes and chilled-out creative playtime. There’ll be plenty of party treats and suprises along the way too, and ofc you can always dip your toes into a cocktail or two… :)

We’ll warm up with a round of speed portrait-sketching, followed by:

  • Pissed-up Party Pics: We’ll split into groups and draw some funky drunken shots of each other, using our non-dominant hands to give our pics a wonky wasted look - no alcohol required!

  • Wish You Were Here: Design and write a postcard to send to a friend or loved one, which we’ll stamp and post for you at the end of the night!

  • DIY Party Props: We did this last year and it was ALL the fun!! Measure your head, make a paper party prop