Sketch Appeal: Feel-good Zine Club

£12, 7pm-9:30pm

We love making zines and we love feeling GOOOOOOOD: so we’ve launched a brand-new club dedicated to both of those things!

Our new Feelgood Zine Club is a friendly space for you to come and unwind, get creative - and get HAPPY!

There’ll be a different theme each time, but the mission of the club will remain the same: to ignite your creativity, boost your mental health and nurture our community with the joy of SKETCH!

Here’s roughly how each club night will run:

  • Part 1: We bond! We’ll begin with a series of fun and interactive warm-up challenges to bring everyone together and get your creativity flowing! Expect to experiment, collaborate and draw lots of funny-looking faces!!

  • Part 2: We tackle a surprise themed challenge! Exactly what it says: a short fun challenge inspired by the night’s theme.

  • Part 3: We make zines! You can work at your own pace and make as many zines as you like, and we’ll supply plenty of prompts and ideas if you’re feeling a bit uninspired! This is YOUR time to play, unwind and go with your own flow!