Groove is in the Art: DIVA NIGHT!

£10 (early bird), £15 (standard), 7-9:30pm

Come twerk your inner artist and celebrate womankind at this fun social sketchfest designed to fire up the Frida and DIVA within.  

Activities will short, experimental and suitable for all levels, so if you haven’t drawn much recently don’t worry: we’ll soon boost your creative confidence and have you bossing it like Beyonce!

  • Part 1: POWER-DRAWING! Get your creativity flowing with a series of fun and fast-paced drawing challenges, including speed portrait-sketching, drawing to the beat of classic diva tracks and a #drawherinyourstyle album cover challenge!

  • Part 2: DIVA O' CLOCK! Time to welcome and draw our two megastar models for the evening - LADY GAGA and CHER!!!  (You might have seen them around London, pretending to be Carla and Manko of Art Model Collective)!

  • Part 3: HOME TIME! Dance into the moonlight with a sketchbook full of fabulous artwork, feeling as good as Gaga at the Grammy's!!   

All materials and free sketchbook included courtesy of GreatArt.

Diva-inspired dress-up optional!

Grab your tickets and get set to go GAGA!