Roald Dahl Day Sketchup

£15, 7pm-9:30pm

Expect a lively and experimental night of whizzpopping creative challenges suitable for all levels: celebrating Dahl’s wondrous creations and drawing in the style of their iconic illustrator, Sir Quentin Blake!

Part 1:

After a few warm-up games, get set to:

  • Co-create an A3 illustration of the “Vitches of Inkland” - in 15 minutes!

  • Design a Dahl-ing new bookmark!

  • Make an 8-page mini zine on a theme of your choice – e.g. a zine full of quotes and characters from one or more of your favourite Roald Dahl books, a book of revolting recipes or marvellous medicines, a visitor’s guide to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (or your own!)… the possibilities are endless!

  • Design a Dahl-inspired chocolate bar - and eat it once you’re done!

Part 2:

By this point, we should’ve gotten into the groove of drawing Quentin Blake-style, so we’ll spend the rest of the evening drawing mini portraits of each other, a la Sketchy Bitches! (We’ll break into smaller groups to do this and all take a turn to pose for others to draw, for approx. 5 mins each.)

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, drawing in the style of another artist is Marvellous Medicine! It’s a great way to develop your style, get some fresh inspiration and boost your creative confidence  – and it’s bloody good fun too!

Come and kickstart your creativity this Sketchtember!

Tickets = £10 Student / £15 Standard inc. all materials and a FREE bar of chocolate!