Stitch Therapy

From £45 (including a drink) | 6-9pm

Stitch Therapy!

This three hour class isn't just about learning to embroider - it's so much more! We'll discuss specific ways craft can be used as therapy and how embroidery in particular can help relieve anxiety and depression, as well as promote mindfulness. Did you know that if practised regularly, slow crafting can even help rewire your brain?

The workshop will begin with a guided meditation to help us set an intention for how we want to feel during our few hours together. I’ll then teach you the embroidery basics as well as some of my favourite mindful stitches. Together we’ll each produce a ‘stitch therapy sampler’, a piece containing lines, patterns and more, designed to make the embroidery process even more therapeutic.

Through a little science, group demonstrations and one-to-one tuition, my aim is that you’ll leave the workshop armed with everything you need to practise #stitchingformentalheath in your own time. All materials will be provided, including everything you need from embroidery thread to stitch guides in order to complete your Stitch Therapy Sampler at home.