2 Player Game – Video Game Dating

7-9.30pm, From £20

After selling out all 46 tickets for January, March and May for previous gamer dating events we have been associated with in record time, we’re excited to add a brand new date (pun totally intended).

Most dating events in London suck. Let’s be honest. Regular run-of-the-mill speed dating is like having teeth pulled and the whole cocktail party thing is…… Well…… A little bit wanky.

Sooooooo, we are going hook you up with some of the coolest current and retro video games! Let your competitive side come out in Mario Kart or perhaps you want to let out your frustrations with London’s dating scene on a game of Street Fighter 2.

What’s the Deal?

We’re going to set you up with everything you need: the console, control pads, a variety of games and snacks all in a great atmosphere at one of London’s coolest venues, Drink, Shop and Do in Kings Cross. We’ll get you moving around the room trying a bunch of different games with a bunch of different people.

Our events are about having fun – so we’re not going to drone on about “meeting the one” or “love is just around the corner” – but we are going to guarantee a good time.

Tickets are incredibly limited and will sell out quickly…. No, seriously – they actually will.