Boozy Soap Making

£30, 7-9pm

Create three soaps from scratch that are coloured and fragranced like your favourite booze. All while you have a delicious drink in hand.

Kick off with a free drink of your choice, and join us as we teach you to melt and pour soap. We provide 600g of soap (enough to make three drink shaped soap bars), a soapy 'drinks menu', fragrances, and colours. In two hours you will learn how to make soap that looks cool, smells incredible, and will be ready to use by the next morning.

Popular creations include:
* Gin and tonic soap - using naturally toning juniper oils.
* Mojito soap - which you can garnish with real mint.
* Pina Colada soap - the only thing better than the song is the soap.

Want to be an expert? We will show you how to decorate your soap with:
* Solid layers
* Swirls
* Soap straws
* Floating soap ice cubes

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