Galentines - Nipple Tassel Making

£10 From 6pm

It's our favourite time of the year, Galentines! 

So round up the squad and show them how appreciative you are for every fire outfit pic they got for you, for every group collab on a text back and for always being your hype men! 

And what better way to celebrate than an evening of crafting nipple tassels over cocktails with your girl gang! 

To book a DO table with us we require a £10 deposit per person. This deposit will provide you with your do materials so you craft the perfect nipple tassels and shake what ya mamma gave ya!  

Why not join us in time for Happy Hour and grab one of our exquisite cocktails for just £6.50! We've got a special Galentines cocktail to add to our menu for the special occassion!