A Taste of Puglia: Regional Pasta Masterclass

£48, 2-4pm

Ah, Puglia… home to (arguably) Italy’s most beautiful coastline, stretching for hundreds of kilometres along the Mediterranean. It’s also distinguished by its beautiful hill top towns and idyllic farmland, but, most importantly to our head sfoglina (pasta chef) Roberta d’Elia, who comes from the region, it is first and foremost a region of wonderful cuisine.

First, you’ll learn how to make orecchiette (‘’little ears’’), which are a pasta bianca (‘’white pasta’’). This means they are made without eggs, using only semolina flour and water. It may sound austere, but pasta bianca is often preferred with many sauces and has become symbolic of cucina povera, where eggs were an unthinkable extravagance. Following Roberta’s guidance, you’ll make your little ears by hand – just like her nonna taught her. You’ll then move on to ravioli, with a very special filling made using cime di rapa (turnip tops), which have become a symbol of the cuisine of Puglia.

At the end of the class, you’ll be able to take home your creations to impress amici e famiglia.

We highly recommend booking your tickets in advance. For any other questions regarding the event e.g. transport, parking, accommodation, please email us at events@pastaevangelists.com.