Cocktails & Crafts - Glastonbury Temporary Tattoo Parlour

£5 From 6pm

What better way to spend a Friday than getting your creative juices flowing at Cocktails and Crafts..

An Oldie, but a goodie: Time to get designing, drawing and scaring the crap out of your parents as you pretend you've gone and got your lovers' name tattooed on your chest.

Make your own transfer tattoos whilst sipping on one of our delightful cocktails. All of the badassery, none of the pain.

To book a DO table with us we require a £5 deposit per person. This deposit will provide you with your do materials. 

Why not join us in time for Friday's REALLY Happy Hour... £6.50 cocktails, £3 spirit and mixers AND 2-4-1 bottles of Sol.

pssst... Remember to pick the right date!